Squid.link Gateway now connects peer2peer with Nabto plugin


January 13, 2017

Our Squid.link Gateway is now available with Nabto’s plugin that creates a direct and secure peer2peer connection between the gateway and devices, instead of relaying data via a cloud service. This ability enables the Squid.link Gateway to provide end-users of IoT devices with the best possible interactive performance.

Instant reactions

The peer2peer connection ensures low latency as data is not relayed over a distant, central cloud service. In situations where the time of response to an action is important, for instance when turning on and off the light or unlocking a door, a direct peer2peer connection is essential. The connection enhances the user experience and is ideal for smart home and security solutions as a tap on a button provides an instant reaction.

Hassle-free plug and play

With Nabto’s plugin implemented on the Squid.link Gateway, solution providers are able to invest their resources in developing applications, instead of using extensive time on establishing communication with the gateway. The peer2peer connection also eases the process of maintaining IoT devices as software updates can be pushed online.

Learn more about the Nabto plugin here

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