Californian Ayla Networks teams up with Develco Products


February 24, 2017

Ayla Networks, a Silicon Valley based Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, has established a partnership with Develco Products. The Gateway now supports Ayla Networks' platform and extends thereby the range of services for both B2B customers and end-users.

Reducing time to market by up to 80%
The joint platform helps solution providers eliminate unnessecary development costs. This ensures a short time to market and a secure and scalable set-up. The complexity that characterizes the development of IoT solutions is removed, and upfront costs are reduced remarkably.


Reducing time to market med white label products

By supporting Ayla Networks' platform, Develco Products' customers can now obtain an even faster ROI thanks to the reduced up-front investments. The solution has already gained foothold on the market and has been rolled out by a number of customers.

Cloud to cloud
The cloud to cloud services are fully integrated and supports i.a. Amazon Alexa.
The modularity of the platform enables rapid changes to be made to practically any part of the platform at any time. With this flexibility, the platform is scalable and therefore easily adapted to future requirements. The platform is also not geographically restricted, but has the ability to bring up services in new locations worldwide.

Key features:

  • Reduced time to market by up to 80%
  • Scalability - the platform service architecture efficiently scales from tens to millions of devices under control.
  • Easy device-side configuration.
  • Analytics package that helps OEMs better understand consumer behavior.


Learn more about Ayla Networks and Develco Products' platform here

Key features of the platform

Presenting and reducing time to market

Reduces time to market by up to 80%

The platform eliminates unnecessary development and testing cycles for fastest time to

Develco Products' solutions are easy to configurate

Easy configuration

Easy device-side configuration and connection to the network without a user interface.

Develco Products' solutions are always scalable


Platform service architecture efficiently scales from tens to millions of devices under control.

David Friedman, CEO and Co-founder at Ayla Networks

The IoT industry is developing rapidly, and strong partnerships are increasingly vital for success. Develco Products delivers reliable, secure, and scalable white-label products serving the important smart home, energy management, and home security markets. Ayla Networks is pleased to count Develco Products as a partner in helping device manufacturers get to market more easily and cost-effectively with their IoT products.

David Friedman, CEO and Co-founder at Ayla Networks
Starter kit Ayla Networks and Develco Products

Platform brochure

In this brochure, you will get an overview of the Ayla Networks and Develco Products' joint platform, the foundation of the software and why the hardware is a developers' dream. 

Download brochure
Read more bout the solution

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