Home monitoring without constant low battery


August 17, 2017

More and more wireless sensors are installed in homes across the globe to enable remote monitoring. However, as many of the sensors are powered by batteries, a fundamental consideration when choosing the right ones for an IoT solution is to avoid devices that need constant battery changing. In a new updated version of Develco Products’ Window Sensor, the battery lifetime is increased tremendously.

Up to 9 years battery life

The Window Sensor detects and reports opening and closing of doors and windows in a house. It has a built-in temperature measuring functionality, making it capable of detecting and reporting changes in temperature as well. Before the update, the battery of the sensor lasted a minimum of 2 years. With the update, the battery lifetime reaches up to 9 years.

Minimal maintenance

With the update, the Window Sensor requires even less maintenance, benefitting both IoT solution providers and the end-users. Solution providers are able to offer their customers value for money. The end-users can install the sensor without having to worry about the lifespan of the device in up to 9 years.

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