The Prosumer Meter saves people money and lowers fossil fuel consumption


November 7, 2016

Today, we have a higher energy consumption level than ever. Develco Products has taken up the battle against the usage of fossil fuels by developing a groundbreaking energy management device that will balance energy usage in households.

The new smart home device, the Prosumer Meter, enables households to automatically charge their hybrid car, start the washing machine and fire up the heating system at time intervals with free and renewable energy coming from their very own solar panel system. By enabling households to manage energy intelligently, people cannot only save money, but the society will also achieve more balanced energy consumption, avoiding extreme fluctuations of the grid system.

Optimized use of solar energy

The smart energy device measures real time data on three parameters; energy consumed by the household, energy produced coming from the household’s own solar panel system, and energy coming from the connected grid. By using the Prosumer Meter, energy consumption can automatically be moved to time intervals with a high production of energy from the households own solar panel system.

Money saved and low use of fossil fuels

The Prosumer Meter is developed by the idea of optimizing the use of solar energy in homes. An increasing amount of people do already have solar panels installed – the problem is how to make maximum use of this energy. The energy produced cannot be stored, and we don’t know when the sun will shine. By using the Prosumer Meter, people can save money and lower the use of fossil fuels. With this solution, a new world of opportunities has opened for managing energy in today’s smart homes where the producers are also the consumers.

Learn more about the Prosumer Meter


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