Grundfos dormitory in contention for innovation award


October 6, 2016

The research project VPP4SGR being carried out at the Grundfos dormitory at Aarhus harbor, is in contention for the prestigious Danish KTC Innovation Award. The award is given to projects that contribute with innovative solutions to the public technical sector.

Smart City projects

Every year, KTC chooses a specific focus for their Innovation Award. This year, they have selected Smart City projects, and how Smart Cities can become Smart Societies, contributing to different types of communities. This year, KTC has announced that the award will be given to a project that has the potential to affect the future Smart Cities and Smart Societies within the public technical sector.

VPP4SGR – a full scale energy lab

Develco Products has contributed to the VPP4GR project by providing the smart building, Grundfos dormitory, with a variety of wireless devices such as meter interfaces, window sensors and gateways, which are found on every floor. The Grundfos dormitory works as a full scale energy lab, where researchers can log energy usage 24 hours a day, gaining groundbreaking knowledge about energy usage and monitoring.

Inspiration for construction of future buildings

By gaining unique insight into the energy usage of the students in the dormitory, the project can be used as inspiration for future construction of buildings, and how to improve smart grid in existing buildings. Ultimately, by using wireless Smart Society technology for monitoring, we can achieve to save energy and reduce CO2 emission.
The winner of the KTC Innovation Award will be announced on the 27th of October.

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