Expansion of sensor portfolio - launch of Heat Alarm


May 27, 2016

New product for temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection

Develco Products launches today a new product - Heat AlarmA heat based fire alarm is specifically useful in environments where a traditional optical smoke sensor can cause false detections.

Temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection

With the Heat Alarm you will never have to worry about fire in your home again. The Heat Alarm can be installed where smoke or fumes are part of the atmosphere to prevent false alarms.

The product is designed for installation in private homes or garages with risk for smoky, dusty, or humid environment, as for example kitchen area, living room with wooden stove burner, garage area, washing and drying area.

The thermo sensitive detector with wireless communication detects both rapidly increased heat and absolute heat levels. It will alert you about fire with a loud sound as a warning or via a smart home solution. 

The product is compliant with ZigBee Home Automation 1.2.

If you would like to gain more information about our new product, do not hesitate to visit our Heat Alarm page or contact us.

Learn more about the Heat Alarm here

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