Swiss pilot project launch


March 10, 2016

As part of the SEMIAH project, Develco Products in cooperation with the other partners has launched phase one of the pilots in Switzerland with 10 households connected to the SEMIAH platform.

The goal of the pilot testing is twofold: on one hand, it will aim at validating the technical feasibility of controlling flexible appliances in households. Technical validation will include errors and delays assessment, system failures records, etc. On the other hand, it will also aim at studying customer behavior, to serve as an anchorage for a large scale simulation. 

Identification of Demand Response flexibility

The SEMIAH platform will be tested in 100 households in Switzerland and 100 households in Norway. The various aspects such as the households' energy consumption, global consumption, inside and outside temperature, and electrical heating systems will be monitored.

The next phase of the pilot will be launched in September 2016 in Norway with Agder Energi's support and more households from Switzerland.

SEMIAH pursues a major technological, scientific and commercial breakthrough by developing a novel Information and Communication Technology infrastructure for the implementation of Demand Response in households.

Learn more about SEMIAH.

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