Numerous opportunities provided by Kamstrup Meter Interface

June 8, 2016

Collect and manage data from various metering systems

By integrating a ZigBee wireless communication module in the meter, you will add exploitation opportunities that help reduce energy consumption, give economical benefits, and improve the level of comfort. The exploitation opportunities by the wireless meter interface are:

  • Smart metering: provides you with the extended metering functionality
  • Energy awareness: notifies you about energy consumption making the enduser capable of saving up to 15%
  • Smart home: allows you to take control and action whenever needed in order to optimize
  • Peak shaping: encourages the consumer to use less energy during peak hours, or to move the time of energy use to off-peak times such as nighttime and weekends in order to reduce the need for investments in networks or power plants

Proved functionality supporting numerous meters

The Kamstrup Meter Interface is available as slide-in module or under-cover module for both ZigBee Smart Energy and ZigBee Home Automation applications. Moreover, it is compatible with OMNIPOWER and generation K and L electricity meters.

Here you can learn more about Kamstrup Meter Interface opportunities.

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