Develco Products keeps on expanding the product portfolio


June 30, 2016

New products are now available

Develco Products aims to create high value for solution providers in the smart home and smart energy industries by delivering a wide range of products satisfying different needs and wants of the end-users.

This has resulted in several new devices for our wireless product portfolio:

  • Evaluation Kit - gives the possibility to test different wireless products, evaluate their functionality, learn installation, test performance, and analyze the results
  • Flood Alarmprovides an early warning to help avoid or reduce potential damage from leaking roofs, pipes, appliances, heavy rainfall, overland flooding, or rapidly melting snow and ice
  • Heat Alarm - this alarm designed for temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection, is specifically useful in environments where a traditional optical smoke sensor can cause false detections
  • Smart Plug Mini for Danish and French electric outlets - brings remote functionality control to home electronics now also in Denmark and France, where specific plugs are required for electrical outlets
  • Humidity Sensor - helps maintaining the ideal comfort level and protect interior, electronics, musical instruments, furniture and any other humidity-sensitive houshelod item (available Q4 2016).

 For more information regarding the products, please check our product catalogue.

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