Squid.link Gateway now FCC and AT&T certified

31 August 2016

Develco Products is proud to reveal that our Squid.link Gateway has achieved the FCC certification. Also, our gateway is now certified for use on the AT&T network, the most widely covering wireless network in the United States. This means that our gateway now has obtained all necessary certifications for deployment in the United States.

 FCC certification

The FCC certification is used for electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States. It certifies that the electromagnetic interference from a device is under the limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission. To achieve this certification, the Squid.link Gateway has been tested and found to comply with the rules of FCC by means of not causing harmful interference or accepting any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Achieving this certification is necessary for connected devices to be launched in the United States.


Access to AT&T's network 

In addition to achieving the FCC certification, the gateway has gone through the detailed process of being certified for the AT&T wireless network. The network of AT&T covers most of the United States and connects more Internet of Things (IoT) devices than any other provider in North America. The breadth, depth, and reach are essentials for a network when working with IoT, making the AT&T certification important for a successful launch of the Squid.link Gateway in the United States.


Learn more about the Squid.link Gateway


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