Join us at Denmark’s largest research-based technology fair

High Tech Summit is a unique trade fair and conference addressed to both technology providers and users. The summit offers attendees the opportunity to interact with many of Denmark’s technological front runners in keynote sessions, tech talks, and face-to-face discussions. By bringing together industry, researchers, start-ups, and users, High Tech Summit presents an exceptional opportunity to discuss potential solutions for the future in topics such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. The fair takes place at the DTU Lyngby Campus between October 30th-31st.

A hub for technological discussion

At High Tech Summit, participants will be able to present their latest technological developments, debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate ideas in an inspirational environment suitable for companies, start-ups, organizations, and university students alike. This year, the focus of the discussions is climate, the environment, and sustainable energy.

In partnership with INCOM

As part of Develco Products’ partnership with INCOM, a research project focused on creating new solutions for the next generation of communication infrastructure, you will be able to find us at the INCOM stand. Additionally, Develco Products will also take part in INCOM’s public talk at High Tech Summit’s Conference Track, in which speakers from all of INCOM’s partner companies will present the results obtained in the project so far.

At High Tech Summit, we will be eagerly waiting to have discussions about how to further advance IoT technologies, take the next steps towards enhanced IoT security, and how to make IoT greener. You will also be able to learn more about our white label platform and products and have first-hand experience with them.

We look forward to seeing you at High Tech Summit and discussing the future of technology, the IoT, and digitization.

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