Integrate wired home and security devices into IoT solutions with the IO Module

The IoT market is growing, and more and more people are making their homes and buildings smarter. Replacing existing components with its smart counterparts can be costly and it is not the most sustainable thing to do. With Develco Products’ IO Module, solution providers can offer their customers the best of both worlds by providing an IoT solution that includes already existing products. Through connecting the IO Module to wired devices, they are enabled to communicate wirelessly with a gateway and can be integrated into a smart security, home, or building solution.

Bring security systems up to IoT standards

A particularly fast-growing part of the IoT market is smart security systems. These enable the user to manage and control their home security using smartphones or tablets. Wireless smoke alarms, motion sensors, or door and window sensors aim to protect buildings and apartments from intruders. When upgrading an existing security system, it is not necessary to replace all existing devices. With the IO Module, wired sensors and alarms can be connected to a gateway and thereby integrated into smart security solutions saving money and waste.

Control access to buildings remotely

Another advantage offered by IoT is the remote control of building access. Develco Products’ IO Module allows users to integrate their wired doorbells and door locks into a smart home or building solution. To enable solution providers to offer a low-cost way to achieve the benefits of remote access control, the IO Module can be connected to the electric strikes controlling if a door is opened or not. Additionally, a panel is placed outside the door to authenticate access. For instance, this integration enables the user to check that doors are (un)locked when they are supposed to be or lock and unlock doors remotely to let in authorized people.

Integrate electrical window blinds into a smart home

The IO Module can also be used for integrating wired home devices such as electric window blinds into smart home solutions. By connecting the IO Module with the cables of the existing blinds, they can be enabled to communicate wirelessly with a gateway. Depending on the corresponding application, the users can, for example, be given the options to control the blinds remotely either instantly or by setting a timer.

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