How your customers can benefit from smart relays in their homes or vacation homes

Offer your customers an easy and convenient way of controlling and monitoring their home appliances. With the Smart Relay 16A DIN, your customers will have new opportunities for optimizing energy consumption in their homes and vacation homes.

Get an overview of home appliances

The smart relay enables users to get an overview of their energy consumption. The user can control clusters of home appliances and monitor the energy consumption of each group of appliances in the house. For instance, the user can see how much energy is consumed by the refrigerator and freezer, the lights, the electric heating, the swimming pool, and so on. These insights can help the user identify which appliances consume more energy and consider ways to optimize the energy consumption of these devices.

The Smart Relay 16A DIN also enables the user to turn groups of home appliances on and off, which for instance means that the user can turn off groups of home appliances when going away for a while. For example, the user can quickly and easily turn off all heating and lights when going on vacation, while other groups of appliances, such as the freezer and refrigerator, are still turned on.

Control vacation homes remotely

With the Smart Relay 16A DIN, your customers can control their vacation home remotely. This means that they no longer need to waste large amounts of electricity on heating in the house while they are away, or alternatively arrive to a cold vacation home in the winter. With the smart relay, they can turn on the heating a few hours before arriving to the vacation home, so the house is warm when they arrive.

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