Give a voice to your solution with the Smart Siren

With the smart home device market experiencing continuous growth every year, the popularity of smart security systems has quickly increased as more customers seek to automate the security of their homes.

Many security systems are limited by the way customers are alerted, usually in the form of patterns of beeps, chirps, or other sounds. Not only do these require customers to remember patterns for different alarms, but they also provide little information about the specifics of the alert. You can change this by giving a voice to your solution using the Smart Siren, which allows you to keep your customers informed through voice messages about what is happening in their home.

Add an extra layer of security to your solution

With the siren, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their home is secure from intruders, burglars, or other unwanted guests, as the siren emits a loud, high-pitched sound and sends a notification to the smart home system whenever an intrusion is detected. To protect your solution, the Smart Siren also has a tamper switch to detect if the unit has been opened, which makes it a great addition to any home security system.

Voice-prompted communication

The Smart Siren allows you to use voice prompts to support the normal siren functionality, which ensures customers don’t need to remember patterns for different alarms. Voice prompts can also be used to accomplish important tasks such as notifications and confirmation of actions.

You can record up to 50 sound messages, in any language you need, for the speaker to play as standard messages. These messages can refer to areas with sensors, such as “kitchen”, “living room” and “garage”, which can then be combined with scenarios such as “alarm”, “fire”, and “motion”. For instance, you can program the voice prompt to say, “alarm activated in living room” or “fire detected in kitchen”.

The voice prompt can also be used to help homeowners remember any actions they’ve done prior to turning on their alarm system when leaving home, as long as sensors are in place in the relevant areas. These include areas and events such as “living room window open” or “front door closed”.

Extend the range of your solution

The Smart Siren features a range extender function, which strengthens the communication between Zigbee devices and the gateway. This ensures uninterrupted functionality of your solution in case of a weaker signal, which allows you to place devices further away from the gateway. This can make your Zigbee network more useful in large spaces that require a solution with a wider network range.

The Smart Siren also has a battery backup, which allows it to continue communicating with the gateway in the event of a power cut. This means your solution will still be able to alert your customers and keep them secure until the power is restored.

With the Smart Siren you can give your solution a voice and extend its range.

Learn more about the Smart Siren here

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