Fight social isolation by supporting independent living through IoT devices

With seniors often having to move to care facilities and being moved out of their regular social circles, social isolation can become a severe issue. As social isolation is linked to causing depression, it is important to prevent this isolation from the elderly’s familiar circles and keep up other social connections with friends and neighbors.

With the help of smart home care solutions, elderly people are enabled to stay in their own houses and familiar neighborhood longer as IoT devices can monitor people’s movements and alert family or healthcare professionals in case of any irregularities. This way, both the elderly and their relatives can feel secured that it is safe to keep living at home as long as possible.

White label IoT motion sensor

Monitor movements to ensure the resident’s safety

Motion sensors are a central element of smart home care solutions. By installing motion sensors in different rooms of the home, activity of the resident can be monitored, and irregularities can be detected. If a motion sensor has not detected movement for an unusually long period of time, this could indicate a fall or other health issue, and help can be alerted.

A smart home care solution including Motion Sensor Minis can thus enable elderly people to stay at their homes while the IoT solution is watching over them and can call for help if needed.

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Zigbee-based Panic Button for healthcare

Quick and easy call for help in case of emergencies

One advantage of care facilities is the close proximity of healthcare professionals in cases of emergencies. With a wireless Panic Button that can be worn with a bracelet or necklace, help is just the push of a button away, even in a private home. As a wearable, the Panic Button is always in reach and offers an easily accessible way to call for help.

Thanks to the Panic Button, both residents and relatives can feel safe knowing that they are able to call for help if they need it without having to leave their home.

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White label Zigbee smart siren with voice prompt

Give reminders for important activities through a voice prompt

Forgetfulness is a common issue for elderly people, even without being affected by dementia. Some daily tasks such as taking medication or drinking enough water, however, are vastly important for people’s health and should not be skipped. With a voice prompt as included in the Smart Siren, home care solution providers can ensure that residents are being reminded of such important activities.

Up to 50 pre-recorded messages leave you many possibilities for your home care solution and enable you to follow your own ideas for your solution.

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Easy to install – also for seniors

The wireless sensors are perfectly suited for an independent living solution targeting seniors as they are easy to install and require little maintenance. The Motion Sensor Mini comes with different mounting options to ensure easy installation, the Window Sensor is quickly attached with tape. Thanks to the long battery lifetime of the devices, maintenance is kept at a minimal level. This way, the devices are easy to use and install by everyone, even with little or no technical knowledge.

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