Fast IoT adoption leaves immense potential for solution providers

The Internet of Things has been on everyone’s lips for a very long time. In fact, the long-term vision for the IoT has existed since the early 1990s. However, this was primarily a time where the internet was without things, and things were without internet. Today, the IoT is a fast growing technological area, which might cause a technological shift in the world.

At Develco Products, the growth and the global demand for wireless IoT products are experienced first-hand.

A fast-paced worldwide adoption

According to Karsten Ries, CEO of Develco Products, the adoption of IoT products happens fast and across the world, which shows how great the potential of the IoT really is:

“Today, the IoT is utilized in many different ways and is no longer bound to certain industries. As the technology continues to advance and more devices become connected, the usage becomes more diverse. This leaves an enormous market potential and opens a bright future for the IoT.”

According to the latest industry forecasts, predictions say that the IoT industry continues to grow by 28 percent every year until 2020, leaving up to more than 21 billion devices connected in 2020. The predictions indicate that the global market for wireless intelligent products is maturing quickly, and that both businesses and end-users see the potential in the wireless technology.

According to Karsten Ries, the fast-paced adoption of the technology lies within all of the possibilities the IoT has to offer:

“Today, the possibilities of the IoT are almost limitless. We can monitor our homes remotely through sensors in our home automation system in order to keep them safe and secure. We can become more energy efficient by analyzing consumption patterns through data from electricity meters. Businesses can increase efficiency by large margins in numerous ways by utilizing the wireless technology and the collected data,” he explains.

Get your IoT solution started fast and easy

Often, when businesses enter the IoT industry, they are overwhelmed with the amount of technical knowledge and time required to develop a product and platform that is fully functional.

With a ready-to-use IoT hardware platform, businesses can focus on their core competencies instead of struggling with developing the products for their solution. For businesses who want to benefit from the great potential of the IoT, it has never been much easier according to Karsten Ries. He says:

“We provide businesses with a complete hardware platform, including a wide range of white label products. With our white label products, solution providers can add products directly to their own brand. They can bring their complete solution to the market fast and easy.”

See your endless possibilities with our white label options

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