Expand your IoT solution - without years of programming

The programming of IoT solutions quickly become a costly affair. The development process of most applications are time-consuming and expensive, due to their complexity and intricacy. To simplify the programming process Develco Products has developed the Squid Smart App. The Squid Smart App simplifies the development of applications on top of the Squid.Link Gateway. Squid Smart App allows you to configure application behavior instead of programming – which will catapult you much further into your development process.

New update for the Squid Smart App

The new update for the Squid Smart App includes new templates for the EMI Norwegian HAN, the Kamstrup Meter Interface, and the External Meter Interface. Moreover, the update provides support for API connection using MQTT. The new update also includes support for adding meta-data when adding devices, groups, scenes, logic connection, and rules.

Easy configuration of application behavior

Squid Smart App has a restful API, and includes easy-to-read templates with predefined commands. With the Squid Smart App you can employ the templates to configure different settings and actions for the connected devices. Moreover, it allows high-level cloud or mobile applications to configure rules and actions for the Squid Smart App to manage.

An even faster time to market

When building your application with the Squid Smart App, you need not worry about endemic protocols, such as ZigBee. This greatly shortens your development process and ensures a fast and easy path from start-up to roll out. The extraordinarily short time to market enables a fast return on investment – all thanks to the benefits of the Squid Smart App and Develco Products’ wireless platform.

The Squid Smart App is included in our Starter Kit. Learn more about the Squid Smart App and our wireless platform here.

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