Bring your wired devices online with the IO Module

With the launch of the IO Module today, you will now able to bring your wired devices online to become part of your wireless solution. The digital IO Module enables you to connect your wired devices to a network, allowing them to communicate and receive information wirelessly. This allows for a quick and efficient upgrade to any wired device without needing to make any expensive PLC or controller replacements, while also saving you any cabling efforts.

Bridging wired devices and wireless networks

Typically, wired solutions are constrained by their limited mobility and scalability, as the need to bury cabling in walls, floors, and ceilings requires thorough planning and budgeting, and in many cases is outright inefficient as some small sensors are difficult to reach. Moreover, wired networks need hardware to be installed and configured prior to being operational, which also slows down deployment and limits the extent of said deployment.

The digital input-output module enables the integration of wired devices into a wireless Zigbee network, allowing you to keep wired devices in your solution instead of phasing them out. Through its four digital inputs and two relay outputs, the IO module works as a bridge of reliable communication between a control system over Zigbee networks and wired devices. This means communication between devices is as simple as input-connected devices triggering events, and output-connected ones responding to said events.

The IO module has been designed to be a compact and convenient tool. The small size of the module allows you to improve the mobility and scalability of your wired devices, as it can to be fitted into a wide variety of places according to your needs. This includes small boxes, tight spaces, or behind an electricity outlet.

Connect anything to your wireless solution

The digital IO Module facilitates connection of digital input and output for a wide range of devices. For example, a heat pump could be connected to the network through the IO Module and make the pump consume energy when other appliances do not require electricity. This gives you the opportunity to simultaneously collect data remotely and have control of wired devices via the Squid Smart App.

Another example, could be to configure the inputs as IAS alarm inputs, bridging wired alarm systems/sensors into the Zigbee network. You can also use the module to connect an access control system to a network, so that doors can be connected to and controlled through a gateway.

The digital IO Module is interoperable and fully compatible with other Zigbee devices. For instance, you can use the IO Module to connect window blinds to a Motion Sensor Mini, so the blinds close when the sensor detects bright light.

The Develco Products IO Module is the optimal tool for keeping all your devices connected.

Get more information about the IO Module here.

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