3 trends in the IoT industry

The IoT industry is still growing fast with new trends coming up constantly. Our participation in this year’s Connected World held in London, reassured us that the following trends are evident right now:

  • More and more IoT solutions are based on open communication protocols
  • The demand for market-ready and customizable devices is increasing
  • Flexibility is a top priority among solution providers
DP at High Tech Summit

Trend towards open communication protocols

The continuous increase in the demand for open communication protocols was evident at Connected World. Instead of developing their own protocols companies tend to rely on open protocols such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, WIFI or Bluetooth. Therefore, solution providers are no longer bound to buy products from just one company, they can pick and choose which products to integrate into their IoT systems. This high interoperability offers great flexibility for solution providers to create a wireless system tailored towards their needs.

Get further information on the different open communication protocols here.

High demand for white label products

A high demand for white label products is spreading across the IoT industry – Connected World provided reassurance about this. Companies looking into developing IoT solutions focus on how they can provide value for the end-users rather than on hardware development. They rely on certified platforms instead of developing their own hardware to be able to move fast into the IoT market.

Find the right white label devices for your solution here.

Flexibility and the ability to modify are expected

Flexibility and modification are highly important for companies aspiring to have their own IoT solution. Customers of white label products expect them to fit perfectly into their solution, both visually and technically. Develco products’ white label options allow you to customize the products in several ways to make sure that they correspond to your IoT solution.

Learn more about our white label options here.

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