Building custom security and automation solutions for their customers

Motion sensors and smoke alarms


Net4Things is a Spanish software company that provides ready-to-use IoT solutions for businesses such as telecommunication, insurance and retailers. To provide their customers with high performance quality solutions, Net4Things chose Develco Products as their collaboration partner.

High standards in reliability and system compatibility

Net4Things came to us wishing to find a company that could provide them with wireless devices for their IoT solutions. They required products with high standards in reliability and system compatibility, which would allow them to focus fully on their own core competencies – software.

Reduced time to market

After engaging in a partnership with Develco Products, Net4Things was quickly able to offer their customers a wide range of IoT devices, saving time to market. Develco Products has supplied Net4Things with sensors for doors and windows, smoke alarms, and motion sensors for monitoring room activity. For energy control and management, Net4Things utilize our smart plugs and external meter interfaces. Net4Things now provide their customers with a variety of systems from home automation to e-health, energy management etc.

Get a customized IoT solution or expand your current one

Our gateway as the heart of the solution

The heart of the solutions is Develco Products’ customizable Squid.Link Gateway. Our gateway supports a range of wireless standards, and it enables the users to manage and get accurate live feeds of everything from energy consumption to room occupancy status and building security.

Having engaged in a partnership with Develco Products, Net4Things can now focus on what they are best at – developing excellent software.


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