LEAD energy AG

LEAD energy AG

Read how LEAD energy AG used white label products to create a smart home universe.

LEAD energy AG

Since LEAD energy AG was founded in 2012, the German company has worked on creating an intelligent environment that affects the mood of its users. The goal of LEAD energy is to bring the positive qualities of light into the homes of their customers and improve their mood and psychical well-being.

Positive moods with smart home universe

Over the years, the company has built a product portfolio including numerous LED products. To further develop the business and improve negative moods, LEAD energy got the idea to create a smart home universe. The universe should enable the users to live a safer and more comfortable life. In this way, the users would be able to focus on the things in life that bring them joy.

LEAD energy’s vision was clear, but the challenge was to find the right way to create one simple system that could realize the smart home universe. A main factor was that the system should match the needs of the users. Moreover, LEAD energy had already built a strong product portfolio with a certain look that the company wanted to keep when adding the smart home products.

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Making the idea come to life

With Develco Products’ white label devices, LEAD energy could make the smart home universe come to life fast and easy. Since Develco Products offers a wide range of products, LEAD energy could include multiple functionalities in the system to make the users feel both safe and comfortable. The functionalities include registering opening and closing of windows and doors, measuring occupancy and temperature, detecting smoke, and preventing water damage by detecting leaks. Moreover, as the products are deployment-ready, LEAD energy did not have to do any product development themselves.

With the multiprotocol Squid.link Gateway as the heart of the system, LEAD energy was able to realize their idea of creating one smart home universe for the user, meaning that the user can control all the smart home devices via just one app. The company was also able to make a system that allows products from different vendors to be connected. In this way, their customers are offered a high level of flexibility. Additionally, the white label concept allowed LEAD energy to add their logo to the products and their own design to the packaging. This means that all the products of the smart home universe fit the look of LEAD energy seamlessly.

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