In Situ Energy/Change38

In Situ Energy/Change38

IoT solution for sharing green energy.

ZigBee gateway and External Meter Interfaces

In Switzerland, the government has decided to phase out the use of nuclear power and instead use 100 % renewable energy by 2050. As a result, it has been crucial to find intelligent new ways of producing and consuming energy. The Swiss company In Situ Energy AG has taken up the battle and invented an intelligent platform for sharing sustainable energy. They are convinced that the government’s goal can be reached already by 2038, due to new business concepts and disruptive technologies.

Sharing green energy

In Situ Energy has called their sustainable initiative Change38. The people behind it came to Develco Products wishing to connect to their IoT platform devices for measuring energy production, consumption, and importantly, to enable their customers to share self-produced green energy with other peers. With the increasing use of solar panels and windmills in private homes and institutions, In Situ Energy saw a great potential for making even better use of the energy produced. 

Smart grid solutions

Reduced time to market

In order to carry out their visionary project, In Situ Energy needed a reliable interface to install on meters in private homes and a central gateway to manage data. However, they realized that developing their own hardware would be costly and time consuming. Develco Products had the solution and could provide the company with the necessary devices. Three of our white label products were chosen; The External Meter Interface to install on existing meters, the Squid.Link Gateway as the center of the solution facilitating communication between the meters, and smart plugs to control devices and their energy consumption.

CEO in In Situ Energy, Robert Bühler, says about their choice: “We chose to collaborate with Develco Products because we realized that we would achieve cost savings and reduce time to market, which was important to us.”  

Get a tailored IoT solution for your business

Flexible solution with expansion possibilities

By using Develco Products’ meter interface, gateway, and smart plugs, In Situ Energy completed their IoT system. Customers can now buy the Change38 service and become part of an extensive sharing network, where the sustainable green energy is distributed and consumed. The users can manage everything from their Change38 app that communicates via the central gateway. The system enables the customers to make full use of the energy produced and save costs.

About the prospects of the project, CEO Robert Bühler says: “The solution we have chosen is flexible, which is a great advantage as it gives us the possibility of scaling our customer base almost limitless in the future.” 

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