Read how Develco Products has helped Flonidan provide the English market with thousands of wireless Zigbee gas meters for households.

Gas metering solution


Gas meters for the English market

The Danish company FLONIDAN came to Develco Products because they needed expert knowledge on Zigbee standards. FLONIDAN is highly specialized in designing and manufacturing gas metering solutions. They were interested in developing a specialized gas meter for the English market. However, the English government had some very specific requirements for the gas meters that were to be installed in their buildings. The challenge was to meet these requirements and this included building an advanced Zigbee communication module into the meters.

Zigbee specialists

Zigbee is one of the preferred wireless standards for meters and other smart devices. Develco Products was chosen by FLONIDAN to develop their Zigbee communication module because they knew that we have a team of extremely experienced software engineers, who are specialized in the field of this specific wireless protocol. Develco Products has many years of experience with developing customized Zigbee solutions and therefore, this was a great task for us to help solve.

Build a complete IoT solution with your own brand

A durable solution

By having Develco Products as their partner, FLONIDAN achieved to develop a high-quality gas meter solution for the English market with a battery life time of 15+ years. At Develco Products, we achieved this goal by creating a Zigbee communication module with extremely low power consumption. To meet the CPA certification, the communication device must comply with high-security standards and therefore, Develco Products achieved to have the communication device Zigbee Smart Energy certified. Altogether, Develco Products managed to provide FLONIDAN with a very durable and reliable Zigbee communication module that could easily be integrated into their gas meters.

Long-lasting collaboration

The collaboration between FLONIDAN and Develco Products began in 2011. Until now, FLONIDAN has provided the English market with many thousand gas meters with communication devices from Develco Products – and they have more on the way! 
Today, FLONIDAN produces their own electronics, and they simply place Develco Products’ small sized DevCom 08 Zigbee Module directly on their own circuit board. This saves production costs and it increases the time to market significantly, which is important in an industry in constant development.

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