Learn how eSmart Systems takes part of implement smart grid systems in Norway, improving the energy flow and securing a stable energy stream.

eSmart systems provide solutions for energy management.

The Norwegian company eSmart Systems has years of experience with collecting and analyzing big data related to energy production and consumption that they provide to energy companies. However, eSmart Systems saw a demand in the market for a smart grid system that could help the energy companies wirelessly manage their customers’ energy usage.

A smart grid system would allow the energy companies to move their customers’ energy consumption from time intervals with high pressure on the grid system to time intervals with low pressure. This would ensure a better flow and a more stable energy stream.


E2U smart grid solution

The Norwegian energy company Fredrikstad Energi showed great interest in eSmart’s grid solution from the beginning. They wished to start out with installing the solution in no less than 9000 households spread all over the country. To be able to carry out the project, eSmart Systems, Fredrikstad Energi, and the development company NXTech decided to form a smart grid cooperative called E2U.

The purpose of E2U was to gather experts in the field in order to roll out a complete ready-to-install grid management system. They wanted to offer “Hardware as a Complete Service” that should include hardware plug & play devices, installation at the end users, and technical support.

“We see great potential in this market where Develco Products has a solid standing. We strongly believe in the collaboration with Develco products and the roles the partners play in this context,” states Knut Gustavsen, CVP International Markets, eSmart Systems.

Develco Products’ smart devices in the solution

Develco Products contributed to the E2U smart grid solution by providing them with a range of intelligent IoT devices. External meter interfaces were installed on existing meters to extract consumption data from, smart plugs to measure energy usage of electronic devices, and Prosumer Meters help manage the energy produced by solar cells. Moreover, E2U has included a range of our wireless sensors that complete the Norwegian smart homes. The heart of the E2U smart grid solution is the Gateway. It connects all the installed devices to the cloud and a server from where data is sent to the end-users’ smartphones and to the energy companies. 

Demand for smart grid in Norway

Norway was particularly interested in rolling out smart grid systems due to the increased energy consumption and pressure on their existing grid. Installing new cables for transporting energy in all of Norway would be extremely expensive due to the long distances and a very solid ground. Moving the energy consumption, therefore, seemed like a good alternative to put less pressure on the grid system.

E2U has already achieved great success in Norway and the goal is now to expand to other countries securing a stable energy flow. Using Develco Products ready-to-use hardware, the smart grid solution is almost limitlessly scalable for entering future markets.

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