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DONG Energy

SmartRead meters with ZigBee communication.

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DONG Energy


DONG Energy is Denmark’s largest supplier of electricity. Develco Products is the main supplier of DONG Energy’s SmartRead meter.

The SmartRead was designed to let DONG Energy make long-distance measurements of a household’s energy consumption. It was available in two versions: a GSM-based solution and a fiber-based solution.

SmartRead GSM

The SmartRead GSM meter was developed through a collaborative effort between Develco Products, DONG, PowerTec, and RTX. Develco Products supplied the wireless Zigbee communication modules that were integrated into the SmartRead meter. The Zigbee module was designed to communicate with other meters – water, gas, heating etc. – as well as functioning as an interface for other home automation units.

More than 5,000 GSM-based SmartRead meters have been shipped.

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SmartRead Fiber

For the SmartRead Fiber meter, Develco Products supplied DONG Energy with an Ethernet-Zigbee gateway with a built-in data concentrator. The module collects readings from other meters in the household, as well as handles communication between DONG servers and household Smart Home units.

More than 3,000 systems have been shipped.

A flexible solution for DONG Energy

By building the SmartReader units using Zigbee, Develco Products ensures DONG that third-party developers are able to integrate the SmartReader in various Smart Home solutions. This way we ensured DONG the maximal freedom of choice in future expansions of the system.

The Zigbee protocol also enables DONG to roll out wireless software updates, which prolongs the life of the SmartReader, and allows it to evolve along with the Zigbee standard.

Develco Products is currently developing several new products to complement the SmartReader solution, including Zigbee-based gas and water leakage detectors.

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