Amplex - Checkmark

Amplex - Checkmark

Amplex employs IoT technology to improve the safety and living conditions of elderly people. 

IoT technology can increase safety in households

Increasing safety at home


It is well-known that the population lives longer worldwide. Most people are also able to take care of themselves for a longer time – though they might encounter some challenges. Elderly people tend to forget to turn of electrical devices, e.g. the iron, stove, or coffee machine, which can result in dangerous situations.

Technology can, however, help elderly people and make their living conditions more safe and practical. More and more elderly people are adapting to new technologies and understand how IoT devices can increase their quality of life and independence. The Danish company Amplex has developed a smart home solution that can increase safety at home.

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Smart home solution

Amplex’s smart home solution is called CheckMark. It is an intelligent in-house solution that can help prevent serious accidents in households. Several intelligent sensors are installed in a household to keep the resident safe. Amongst other things, these sensors monitor activity, temperature, and smoke. All data are sent to the household’s gateway, where all information is stored.

Residents and relatives can easily access the information through an app, which provides a complete overview of the data. The solution can be used for various purposes and can handle large numbers of households making it ideal for large scale installations for social housing and municipality elderly care houses.

Develco Products provided Amplex’s solution with Gateways, Smart Plugs, Motion Sensors, Flood Alarms, Smoke Sensors, Humidity Sensors and Window Sensors. These devices provide the user with important and usable information, which brings both the resident and the relative’s safety of mind.

“Amplex has been working with Develco Products for years on a number of projects. We are impressed with the support we get, which has made the process simpler for us. It has been easy to get our software implemented in the Gateway, and the built-in API’s makes it effortlessly to integrate the sensors from Develco Products,” states Jens Hørup, CEO at Amplex.

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Always alert

If any of the sensors discover smoke, flood, or detect unusual activity, including changes in temperature or humidity, it will alert the user’s relatives and/or home care provider. The sensors can even detect if the resident does not open the refrigerator or the medicine cabinet, which might mean that something has happened to the resident. The solution provides the user with sensors that help ensure their safety and can give their relatives peace of mind.  

Amplex has just extended the current services and make CheckMarks even smarter using Artificial Intelligence to adapt and learn from the occupant’s behavior to warn the relatives or the caretakers if unexpected behavior has been identified.

Further AI extensions will be used to inform the caretakers if the resident is out when visits have been scheduled so the caretakers may reorganize the visit based. Another feature is sending reminders to the residents or relatives, through the devices instead of an app, about taking their medicine. 

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