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IoT technology carries huge potential for the healthcare industry. By offering discrete and non-intrusive home care-assisting devices, Develco Products can help you provide a more comfortable life for seniors and patients with special needs.
Home care
IoT-enabled care services
In the face of a growing elderly population and fewer available care professionals, IoT technology offers huge business opportunities for the care sector. IoT devices can help reduce carers' workload and offer additional benefits such as security or home automation.
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IoT-enabled services for home care providers

IoT: The future of home care

IoT devices can assist in the provision of discrete, reliable, and easy-to-use aid to seniors and people with special care needs. Develco Products provides state-of-the-art wireless products for IoT systems that help seniors and people with special care needs live more independent and safer lives. IoT systems for home care can provide safer and more efficient elder care and help limit overall healthcare costs.

When employing our white label IoT devices in a home care solution, all information is sent from the individual devices, through a gateway, such as a Squid.link gateway, to your or a third-party cloud platform. Through the home care solution, caretakers can be notified instantly in case of an emergency.

The call for smarter healthcare

Worldwide changes in demography and a rise in the overall population are causing an increase in the elderly population and patients with special care needs. Unfortunately, these changes present an overwhelming challenge to the global healthcare industry. As a whole, the healthcare industry has traditionally been characterized by manual processes and close monitoring of patients.

To help the changes to society, the healthcare industry must become as efficient as possible without sacrificing the quality of care. Fortunately, IoT and independent living technology show great potential as aids in overcoming these challenges, given that effective healthcare greatly depends upon the speed and accuracy that IoT solutions are able to provide.

Your quick way to a home care solution

Develco Products provides two ways for solution providers to get started with their own home care solution. Companies can either develop their own software and combine it with mature white label devices, or they can opt for an end-to-end white label home care solution to rapidly enter the home care market.

Independent living
Increased comfort
Discrete monitoring
Safe life
Smart services

Elderly man using the IoT to get a more comfortable and safe life

Facilitate independent living with IoT devices

With the help of smart home care solutions, seniors can continue living at home independently as IoT devices give them the security of being monitored and enable them to quickly call for help in cases of emergencies.

For instance, the wireless Motion Sensor, allows relatives or caregivers to track the status and exact whereabouts of the senior. Moreover, a smart home care solution including the sensor is able to immediately notify relatives or personnel via Zigbee communication, if the sensor finds something to be out of the ordinary. Thanks to this monitoring, the senior can feel safe in their home, knowing that they will get help in emergencies.

A wireless call button provides an easy way to independently call for help in case of emergencies. Worn around the wrist or as a necklace, the Panic Button is always in reach when needed. Depending on your solution, a call from the Panic Button can alert friends, family, or healthcare professionals.

You can also give a voice to your solution using the Smart Siren. With the siren’s voice prompt function, you can record up to 50 voice messages to remind seniors of certain actions. For instance, it can remind them to take medication at a given time.

Give peace of mind to relatives of seniors

Wireless sensors offer gentle and discrete monitoring of elderly people and people with special care needs, providing the possibility of a more comfortable life in their own homes.

Through monitoring the health and habits of their relatives, IoT technology can give peace of mind to family members, who, through their phone or tablet, can ensure their loved ones are safe.

Well-placed sensors such as Entry Sensors or Motion Sensors can detect the senior’s movements indoors and when they have last opened a window or left the house. Integrated into a smart home care solution, relatives can be notified about irregularities in the movements of their loved ones that could indicate accidents.

A smart plug can have a number of uses in independent living and home care solutions. The Smart Plug Mini 2 enables relatives to turn off electrical devices remotely, for instance, in case an Alzheimer’s patient has forgotten to turn off the stove.

Senior and relative
home care solutions can reduce stress of caregivers

Reduce stress for healthcare professionals

IoT devices can also vastly improve the quality of service in care centers or hospitals, where different sensors can instantly notify staff about the behavior and status of patients who are incapable of caring for themselves.

In the case of Alzheimer’s patients, for example, the Entry Sensor can notify personnel when patients are leaving or entering a room. Motion Sensors positioned at different places in a care facility can provide further knowledge about patients’ movements.

With a water-resistant call button, a wireless emergency button can always be mounted within reach - even in the bathroom. The Panic Button can also be used as a wearable for more agile patients to make sure they are able to call for help even if they are not in reach of the wall-mounted emergency button.

Find out how to get started with your smart healthcare solution now.

Make healthcare processes in the public sector more efficient and limit costs

Our changing world presents challenges for governments all over the globe. The current challenges include maintaining the well-being of citizens despite population aging and widespread threats to their health while limiting healthcare costs.

The IoT makes it possible to solve the challenges by enhancing the efficiency of current processes in the public healthcare sector. With the right platform, the entrance to the IoT is made easy.

Through IoT devices, such as wearables measuring health conditions, medical devices automating supply of medicine, and sensors monitoring patients, essential data can be collected and evaluated. With these data, public sectors can not only respond quickly to those in need but also with greater accuracy and efficiency. The increased efficiency enables healthcare costs to be reduced.

It requires the right platform to make the valuable data available. The white label product platform offered by Develco Products includes a wide range of IoT devices, allowing governments to include the functionality they need to solve their specific challenges.

As the heart of a home care solution, the mature and secure Squid.link gateway is capable of collecting data from devices across wireless technologies and vendors. The product portfolio also includes sensors, alarms, smart plugs, and smart relays, which are all easy to install, allow over-the-air updates to minimize maintenance, and are based on the secure wireless technology Zigbee.

See how easy it is to get started with an IoT home care solution

Elderly woman living at home with help from IoT technology
Home care box examples

Get started with your home care solution right away

Get everything you need to get started with your home care solution right away. We provide you with a mature, secure, and simple wireless platform that allows integration of your own or a third-party cloud platform. With the wireless platform, you are also able to build your application without having to worry about developing, testing, and certifying devices. This puts you one step ahead of the competition, allows you to access more business opportunities, and get a fast return on investment.

Develco Products offers you two ways of getting started with your home care solution. You can either build your own software on top of our white label devices or opt for an end-to-end white label home care solution. With a full solution, you are able to rapidly enter the home care market.

Through our white label options, you are able to put together any combination of devices that best suit your business and customers. Be it sensors to help relatives or caregivers monitor the status and whereabouts of seniors, a kit to enable patients to call for help, or one to assist patients to be more independent and able to follow their daily routine, you decide what goes in the box. Find out how to develop your own home care solution.

Integrate wearable medical devices in your IoT solution

Thanks to the multiprotocol Squid.link gateways, you are able to integrate devices communicating via different communication protocols in your home care solution. The Squid.link gateways support Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wireless M-Bus, Bluetooth, and WLAN.

Connect IoT devices operating via Zigbee like the Motion Sensor, Entry Sensor, Panic Button, Smart Siren, or Smart Plug Mini 2 to the gateway to monitor seniors' behavior, control devices remotely, and enable them to call for help in emergencies.

With the help of medical care devices such as blood pressure meters, scales, fitness trackers, blood glucose meters, or others, a home care solution can offer additional insights into a patient's health. Combine the devices for your solution according to your and your customers' needs and get started with your home care solution.

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IoT-enabled services for home care providers

Guide: IoT-enabled services for home care providers

Are you planning to develop a home care solution but do not know which services to include or where to start? In this guide, we have compiled the most important technical requirements and home care services as well as additional IoT-enables services that enable you to add new revenue streams to your business.

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IoT solution for the home care industry

Home care products

With white label devices, you are able to launch a home care solution in a very short time. All devices are mature, reliable, and secure products that are a perfect fit for your home care solution.

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