IoT technology carries huge potential for the healthcare industry. Offering a cheap and un-intrusive way of helping people in need, Develco Products can help your users live a more comfortable life in their own home.


Internet of Medical Things means cheap, discrete and reliable aid to people with special care needs. Develco Products develops systems that help people live a more comfortable, safe life.

The healthcare industry is characterized by many manual processes and by being reliant on close monitoring. Simultaneously, the rising population means an increase in the future elder population, as well as patients, with special care needs. In general, IoT technology possesses great potential for overcoming the challenges ahead in assisted living.

Gentle and discrete monitoring

Sensors from Develco Products offer gentle and discrete monitoring of elder and ill patients, giving them a more comfortable life in their own homes. Furthermore, it helps create a sense of security for families, who can monitor the health and habits of their relatives in need.

Sensors can detect movement, location and even if a person has fallen over – the opportunities are many.

Flexible wireless units

The units are also applicable directly in care centers, etc.. Sensors can quickly let staff know about the hygiene status of patients incapable of caring for themselves.

Another option is for the sensors to communicate with bathroom facilities, reminding inhabitants and staff to wash their hands, and more.

All information is sent from the individual devices to a central gateway from Develco Products, and onto a monitoring center in the hospital or institution, from which alarms and notifications give real-time updates to staff. This way we increase the comfort and care for each individual patient.


  • Assisted living
  • Increased comfort
  • Discrete monitoring
  • Safe life
  • Smart services

Product overview

Smart Home Devices - Smart automation system

Starter Kits

Smart home in a box. The ultimate product platform to get started with your new wireless solution. The same products, but different possibilities of usage.

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Zigbee Gateway cloud based platform


A gateway from Develco Products is a flexible platform for connecting elements in your smart home system with a control unit.

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Motion sensor and motion detectors

Sensors and alarms

Monitoring everything from temperature to movement, the sensors are your way of keeping a smart eye on your house. 

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Smart Plug for Smart Home solution

Smart plugs

With a smart plug you are able to switch the connected equipment on or off remotely as well as measure the power consumption.

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Meter interfaces

Meter interfaces measure the household’s power consumption and reports it to a control unit, a log, or a display.

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Smart relays

The smart relays grant wireless control of groups of appliances, or of individual elements. They also feature power meter functionality.

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Develco Products' customer cases

Selected customer cases

For more than 10 years, Develco Products has helped companies entering the world of internet of things. Read a selection of our customer cases by clicking below. 

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