How edge computing can benefit your IoT solution

With the increasing amount of data generated by sensors and other intelligent devices, global communication infrastructures are challenged by latency and stability issues due to network congestion. Edge computing presents a solution to this problem, as it helps prevent data latency and optimize the communication process.

What is edge computing?

In simple terms, edge computing is a method where data processing and storage are brought closer to the device it is gathered from. As a result, application speed and support are accelerated as data does not need to travel to the cloud for computing.

Uninterrupted real-time data

Edge computing is especially beneficial for home care and security solutions where having real-time data is crucial. Avoiding latency issues is essential, as they can affect the application performance and consequently reaction time in the case of emergencies.

For instance, edge computing can make home automations for different business areas run smoothly. If a user wants to turn on lights through a button or motion sensor, a solution running on edge computing can make sure this happens instantly – instead of waiting for the signal to travel to the cloud and back.

An extra privacy layer

Choosing an edge-supporting gateway provides an extra security and privacy layer to your solution. Filtering and processing data locally can reduce the amount of sensitive information that needs to be sent through the network. This makes edge computing an invaluable feature for all solutions that deal with private customer data, such as insurtech, security, or home care systems.

Learn more about security and privacy for your solution.

Cost-effective and sustainable

Integrating edge computing in your solution saves bandwidth and reduces the costs for your cloud services and data transmissions. At the same time, as fewer data travels to and from the cloud, you ease the load off the communication networks and reduce your CO2 emissions.

To ensure that solution providers are able to create the best data environment for their systems, Develco Products offers Edge-computing gateways. The white label gateways enable solution providers to launch a high-quality IoT solution based on edge-computing in a short time.

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