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Project description


The SmartHG project has delivered a suite of Integrated software services (the SmartHG Platform) supporting management of the Electrical Distribution Network (SmartHG Grid Services) as well as of energy storage devices, such as batteries or electrical vehicles, at residential homes (SmartHG Home Services).

Benefits that suit everyone

SmartHG project benefits:

  1. Keep operating conditions of the electrical grid within given healthy bounds
  2. Minimise energy costs
  3. Minimise CO2 emissions

Such possibly conflicting objectives were achieved by:

  1. Exploiting knowledge (demand awareness) of electrical energy production/consumption habits of residential users as gained from SmartHG sensing and communication infrastructure.
  2. Developing a two-tier hierarchical control schema where at the top tier, the DSO computes (SmartHG Grid Services) power constraints for each home and at the bottom tier, each home controls (SmartHG Home Services) energy storage devices in order to meet DSO provided power constraints.


SmartHG benefits


The main benefits that SmartHG platform brought to the customers – DSOs were:

  • Reduction in maintenance and operation cost.
  • Improve Load Balance for grid and substation, and thus extend the lifecyle of grid components, especially the substation.
  • Optimisation in EDN operation and management.
  • Improve the image of the enterprise: be more green and environmentally friendly.

Residential users

Residential users could benefit from:

  • Energy usage optimisation
  • Energy bill reduction
  • Transparency and easy energy management


The SmartHG Platform could bring environmental benefits such as:

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and GHG emission
  • Make the grid and electricity sector more energy efficient
  • Improve the image of the city/district: be more green and environmentally friendly
Develco Products deliverables
Smart grid solution

Develco Products in SmartHG

Develco Products has contributed to the SmartHG project by:

  • Delivering products for energy monitoring and load control
  • Standardising the communication with the back-end server
  • Upgrading from IPv4 to IPv6



The Consortium is composed of 11 partners from 6 different countries (Italy, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Germany, and Belarus). It includes 2 universities, 2 research institutions, 1 public entity, and 6 companies, thus resulting in a multidisciplinary partnership, that mix both theoretical and applied research, as well as a strong experience in real-world applications.

  • Sapienza, University of Rome
  • Aarhus University
  • IMDEA Energía
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Institute
  • Panoramic Power
  • Kalundborg Municipality
  • Minskenergo
  • Develco Products A/S
  • GridManager

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