Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households


Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households

Demand Response in households

Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households

SEMIAH pursues a major technological, scientific and commercial breakthrough by developing a novel Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure for the implementation of Demand Response (DR) in households.

This infrastructure enables scheduling of high energy-consuming domestic loads’ operation to off-peak demand periods for reducing the peak demand on the network.

Smart grid services in households

The innovative approach in SEMIAH is based on the development of an open ICT framework that will promote an environment for the deployment and innovation of smart grid services in households for load management.

Centralised system for demand response

The project partners develop a centralised system for demand response services provisioning based on aggregation, forecasting, and scheduling of electricity consumption in the domestic sector.

The SEMIAH concept enables aggregation of all the households connected to the system and will act through direct load control to shift or curtail electrical loads considering user’s flexibilities and utility demand limits.

SEMIAH research project

Smart control

SEMIAH provides a solution enabling control of selected electrical loads operation. The solution consists i.a. of smart plugs controlled via home area network through the gateway.

The consortium integrates security and privacy functions to ensure that the system cannot be compromised.

Business models

In order to successfully implement SEMIAH, the consortium finally develops new business models for electricity players and residential customers to quantify costs and benefits for players in the value chain.

SEMIAH benefits

SEMIAH contributes to the benefit of residential customers, energy utilities, and the society in general through lowering electricity bills, and higher stability of the electricity grid.

SEMIAH enables savings in CO2 emissions and fuel costs, as well as reducing investments in electricity network expansions and electricity peak generation plants.

Develco Products in SEMIAH

Develco Products provides the front-end hardware, home gateways, and smart plugs, and supports furthermore the development and testing of the front-end system.

Develco Products is also involved in system integration to support the functional tests before the tests in real environment.

Develco Products is deeply involved in the technical design and specifications of the system, focusing essentially on the requirements of the front-end.

Finally, Develco Products also holds the role of Exploitation and Dissemination Manager (EDM).

SEMIAH research project


To achieve project objectives and the projected impacts, a strong and determined consortium has been grouped around the technological skills and competencies needed to overcome the identified challenges.

The team of 12 partners from 4 different European countries, coming from ICT, Energy, and Telecommunications jointly possess excellence in skills and requirements needed to drive this ambitious project to successful result.

Nevertheless, the competencies of the consortium partners are not exclusively linked to ICT, Energy or Telecom, as they hold multi-disciplinary expertise and capabilities in these sectors.

The partners are:

  • Aarhus University - department of engineering
  • Develco Products
  • Misurio
  • University of Agder
  • Fraunhofer Institute of Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES
  • CSEM
  • HES-SO
  • Devoteam Solutions
  • Agder Energi Nett
  • EnAlpin
SEMIAH research project
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