Ensuring economical and reliable operation of power systems


Ensuring economical and reliable operation of power systems

integrated demand REsponse Solution towards POsitive NeighbourhooDs

Nowadays, it is known that peak demand has a negative impact on energy grid capital, operational costs, and environmental aspects. Additionally, the irregular nature of renewable energy sources means that their exploitation, in terms of energy supply, often does not match the energy demand in time. To overcome this challenge, demand response (DR) programs are introduced to ensure economical and reliable operation of power systems. It is anticipated that DR programs can reduce peak demand remarkably. In this way, energy and cost savings can be obtained throughout the energy supply chain.

Demand Response in residential buildings

DR solutions have already been deployed by utilities to manage demand peaks in the industrial sector. However, deployment of DR solutions in the residential sector is still in its infancy. This sector is characterized by large numbers of end-consumers with relatively low individual energy demand. However, when considered in terms of districts, the demand is very high.

The vision of RESPOND

The research project RESPOND aims to deploy and demonstrate an interoperable, cost-effective, user-centered solution, including energy automation, control, and monitoring tools for a seamless integration of cooperative DR programs into the legacy energy management systems. RESPOND will take into account both the supply and demand side while exploiting all energy assets available at the site. Due to the flexibility and scalability of the solution, RESPOND will be capable of delivering cooperative demand response at both building and district level.

Monitoring and user engagement

Through a smart energy monitoring infrastructure, RESPOND will be able to perform reliable energy data analytics and forecasting, detecting opportunities for energy conservation. Moreover, the infrastructure will enable real-time adaption to the operational environment, considering indoor and outdoor conditions while retaining the comfort levels of the end-users. Through interaction with the end-users, the aim of RESPOND is to raise their awareness, making them an active part of the DR loop.

Develco Products in RESPOND

In RESPOND, Develco Products will play a key role in making it possible to monitor relevant building parameters. The monitored data will be used to allocate an optimal control strategy in RESPOND.

For the project, Develco Products provides a variety of wireless devices. The devices enable monitoring of energy consumption of household appliances. Moreover, devices capable of controlling energy consumption will also be provided.

All the monitored data will be made available to RESPOND through Develco Products’ multiprotocol Gateway.


To achieve the ambitious objectives of RESPOND, a consortium consisting 11 partners is committed to deliver Demand Response technologies and integrated tools for the benefit of energy providers and end-users.

The partners are:

  • Fenie Energía, S.A. (Spain)
  • IK4-Tekniker (Spain)
  • Almen Boligorganisation Aarhus (Denmark)
  • AURA Rådgivning A/S (Denmark)
  • Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • Comharchumann Fuinnimh OIleáin Árann Teoranta (Ireland)
  • National University of Ireland Galway (Ireland)
  • Institute Mihajlo Pupin (Serbia)
  • Develco Products A/S (Denmark)
  • Energomonitor, s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
  • Dexma sensors s.l (Spain)
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