Securing stronger and greener internet infrastructure in the future


Securing stronger and greener internet infrastructure in the future

A future with stronger and greener internet infrastructure

Within just 30 years, half of the world's population has been connected to the Internet, and the ways that people use the internet are changing rapidly. With Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and the increasing number of online applications such as self-driving cars, medical diagnostics and cloud services, the internet traffic continues to increase. This is resulting in huge amounts of energy consumed by the internet and a risk of running out of space in the communication infrastructure.

The next generation of communication infrastructure

The INCOM project is focused on creating new solutions for the next generation of communication infrastructure. Internet traffic is carried by intercontinental optical cables across countries and under oceans, and these connections transmit information from machine to machine and from human to human at high speeds. As the pressure on these connections is increasing, the world has an urgent need to make them stronger and greener. This is the goal of the INCOM project.

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Higher capacity with lower energy consumption

Data traffic rises by approximately 40% annually, and global communication consumes so much energy that it emits more than 2% of all human-generated CO2. Therefore, the primary requirement for the new infrastructure is that it must deliver higher capacity with significantly lower energy consumption. In addition, the infrastructure should have a greater degree of reliability, minimal delays and increased safety. INCOM will make it possible to reduce the number of light sources to operate the internet by refining a so-called "frequency frame" so that one laser can replace several hundreds of lasers. This results in reduced energy consumption and increased data speeds.

Develco Products is participating in INCOM to further advance IoT technology and take the next steps towards enhanced IoT security.


Project title: INCOM; Innovative Solutions for Next Generation Communications Infrastructure

Innovation fund investment: DKK 60 million.

Total project budget: DKK 100 million.

Duration of the project: 3 years

Develco Products in INCOM

Report: “Security level in private Smart Home Solutions”.

  • Mapping of existing solutions and security flaw cases
  • Evaluation of the above

Implementation of new security approach in Develco Products Generic gateway: “Squid.Link”.

  • Selection of solution (HW, SW…)
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Report: “Attempt to hack secure Smart Home Solution”.

  • Find ethical hackers
  • Conduct hacking attempt
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To achieve the objectives of the INCOM project, a consortium of 14 partners is composed, including two universities and 12 companies.

The partners are:

  • Accelink Denmark

  • Bifrost Communication

  • Chocolate Cloud

  • Comcores

  • Danish Optical Fiber Innovation

  • Develco Products

  • Mellanox Technologies Denmark

  • Napatech
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  • NKT Photonics

  • OFS Fitel Denmark

  • Telia Danmark

  • Zeuxion

  • Aarhus University

  • DTU