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Project description

Seeing current energy consumption can change customers' behavior

Procesværktøjer til 360 ° indeklimarigtig energirenovering

The project aims to develop toolbox that can be used for energy renovation in multi-storey buildings which have been built before 1960. The toolbox contains descriptions of the methods, checklists and recommendations that are easy to use for all parties involved.

Advanced toolbox

Thanks to the toolbox, manufacturers are able to identify existing users' behavior. Based on the different tools, manufacturers may, among other suggestions, identify how their products can make a difference if it is followed by a change in the users' behavior.

The toolbox is supposed to make contractors and consultants able to plan the renovation process with coverage of user behavior. The tools make it possible to plan the process so that user behavior and energy renovation support each other.


The results

The project has provided ongoing development with support from EUDP / Energy Authority and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The energy consumption in old, multi-storey buildings has been significantly reduced without changes in the buildings' architecture. In parallel, the user behavior proved to be crucial for the optimization of energy consumption.

"We have acquired a lot of knowledge about energy issues and climate in new buildings. However, there are large energy saving potentials with secondary environmental benefits in the renovation of the older apartments. We stand here with additional challenges in the conservation of our architectural heritage and applying the proper 'drivers' to make things happen. A fusion of technology and processes, together with a 'mental conversion' of stakeholders, may be the key to a legitimate growth in energy renovation," explains promoter and partner from Ellehauge & Kildemoes, Jørgen Lange.


Develco Products deliverables


Develco Products in 360 ° Energirenovering

Develco Products has contributed to the project by developing equipment and infrastructure, creating improved energy awareness and simultaneously enabling the users to act intelligently in relation to energy usage and production.

Moreover, Develco Products has investigated which information channels and surrounding infrastructure would be applied to provide consumers with the tools needed to create the optimum energy consumption as well as which parameters are important to help consumers and utilities to collect, control and reduce energy consumption.

The developed products through the project were:

  • Meter interface that enables communication of data to the visualization device
  • Heat meter interface that enables communication of data to the visualization device
  • Communication device that enables wireless communication of energy data and visualization of energy via channels such as energy displays, smart phones, websites and widgets.





  • Ellehauge og Kildemoes
  • Signal Arkitekter ApS
  • Dovista A/S
  • Develco Products
  • Exhausto A/S
  • Rockwool A/S
  • Dan-Ejendomme
  • Teknologisk Institut
  • Enemærke & Petersen
  • DTU Byg
  • Krydsrum Arkitekter
  • Rönby Studio ApS
  • DTU Byg
  • MiljøPunkt Østerbro
  • Arup & Hvidt

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