New possibilities within energy solutions for end-users


June 15, 2018

May 25, 2018, project partners from the European research project RESPOND gathered in Ireland for two days to discuss and coordinate further technical details of the research project. The project aims to provide new possibilities for energy solutions for end-users within homes, buildings and neighborhoods.

The project partners visited one out of three pilot sites. The first pilot site is located in Aran Islands in Ireland in a rural residential area. The purpose of the visit was to establish more specific knowledge regarding the area and further determine the upcoming installation of various products and systems required to begin the technological development of effective energy consumption and controlling for the end-users. The project partners agreed on installing PV (Photovoltaic) systems and heat pumps. When the PV system is exposed to the sunlight, it will convert the energy directly into electricity. This means that the research partners will be able to control the energy and make it go directly towards the installed electric radiators.

At the site, Develco Products will provide the Prosumer Meter, Smart Cable, and the UK Smart Plug. The products are capable of both controlling and performing intelligent monitoring of the energy consumption in the residential area. For instance, the Smart Plug will perform actual control actions over the different energy assets, switching connected equipment on or off remotely.

With the technology, RESPOND will be capable of detecting potential energy conservation opportunities and deliver measurement driven suggestions for energy demand reduction to the residents of the area.

More about RESPOND

The aim of the research project, RESPOND, is to raise awareness about demand response in the residential sector and to develop a cost-effective and user-centered solution, involving energy automation, monitoring, and control tools for integrating demand response programs into residential buildings. By being both flexible and scalable, the RESPOND solution will enable integration of demand response at a district level as well as a building level. The research project is a part of the European 2020 Horizon framework programme for research and innovation.

Get further details about the research project here

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