No, Develco Products provides products with platform software. The platform software includes e.g.  Java, Linux, drivers, and network analysis tools. No applications are provided by Develco Products. Develco Products’ customers are solution providers who design their own applications.

We exclusively sell our products to businesses and only for large scale projects. Minimum purchase is 1,000 pieces. For pilot projects or tests with great future potential, we can provide smaller quantities.

Otherwise, if you are interested in small quantities, please visit our Sample shop.

If you fulfill the above criteria, please contact our sales department at and, thereafter, we will sign a NDA.

Find information about different entry levels and how to get started building your wireless solution here.

When you have identified the right entry level for your business, please contact our sales department at with information about your needs and requirements, including devices of interest and a short description of your project. Standard Smart Home and Smart Energy products can be bought through our Sample shop except for the Gateway. 

Typically, project steps are:

  • Both parties sign NDA.
  • Develco Products provides a proposal including product pricing and eventual engineering cost
  • Testing
  • For projects including gateways, the first step is the purchase of a starter kit
  • The second step is typically a pilot project of 50-200 systems using standard products
  • Finally, roll-out based on eventually customized products


The following steps are mandatory in order to purchase a gateway from Develco Products:

  • Signing of NDA
  • Purchase of starter kit
  • Buying smaller quantities for pilot using one of Develco Products standard configurations
  • Ordering min. 1,000 pieces produced by order. This can include customized label, led, networks, functionality etc. and eventually include download of customer application at the end of the production line, which makes the gateway ready to be sent out directly to the end customer.

Mainly, Develco Products targets the European market. All of our products are CE certified.

Some products have achieved FCC and UL approvals for the American market and some also hold a South African ICASA approval.

Other certifications can be achieved based on a valid business plan.

Yes, all the products can be firmware upgraded wirelessly or via back-end communication. Even battery powered sensors can be upgraded wirelessly while still being active.

Due to several configuration options, all of our products are produced by order. The typical delivery time is 12 weeks. To avoid long lead-times, we use a forecast system that can lower the lead time.

Develco Products keeps a small stock of standard products for tests and piloting. These can be purhased in our Sample shop.


Please contact us at to get a login for our Support forum and get access to all the content.

The Support forum is accessible here.

The technical documentation is placed in the technical support forum. Please send an e-mail to in order to get access to this area. In order to get access to the technical documentation, an NDA has to be signed.

Yes, all our products use wireless communication standards, such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Wireless M-Bus. Proprietary communication protocols can be supported in special cases.

Each network utilizes the standardized security dedicated to the applied technology. Security is of high priority for Develco Products and is used to ensure interoperability with third party devices.

We are using AES128 as security with a pre-shared installation key. The key can be exchanged on the fly to enhance security.

The typical indoor range of our technologies is 25-30 meters. Furthermore, Zigbee and Z-wave support MESH networks, which enable the network to have a much larger range.

The SmartAMM protocol is a communication protocol developed by Develco Products and used for communication between the gateway and the backend system. Furthermore, the protocol is used for the communication between the CPU and the wireless modules (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wireless M-Bus...) on the main board of the Gateway. 

The software development kit is located in our Support forum. In order to get access here a login is reguired. Please contact us at to get a login for the Support forum.

The SmartAMM Developer Utility tool is available. The tool can be downloaded from the Support forum. The developer tool currently has full support for Zigbee and Wireless M-Bus, as well as for the gateway’s local functionality. The features includes: Creating messages, decoding messages, firmware upgrade, scripts, and some predefined sequences, such as discovering a Zigbee device.

If you need further technical clarification, please send an e-mail to with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Develco and Develco Products are two different companies with different businesses, owners, and employees. The main difference is that Develco designs and manufactures products for other companies (they do not have their own products), while Develco Products provides products for the home automation and smart metering industries.

Develco Products does this by developing and manufacturing devices and communications systems that enable solution providers to build customized solutions for their end users. We emphasize home comfort, safety, and energy optimization

As the old version brought some limitations, the new upgraded 1.2 version of the standard adds several important features:

  1. Technical improvements make installation and upgrades easier
  2. Enhanced device definitions give better understanding of the technology used
  3. Standardized pairing of different devices:
    - enables simple networks without a centralized coordinator
    - simplifies pairing and reduces cost while being fully compatible with advanced whole home systems
    - pairs devices and creates scenes with the press of a couple buttons
  4. Adding features over time and upgrading devices is now possible to be done remotely using a gateway from any service provider
  5. Pool control cluster
    - improves battery life
    - adjusts sleep cycles to ensure a responsive user experience and extend battery life
    - achieves 2 years battery life for door locks and more than 7 years for security sensors
  6. Improved interoperability


The Support forum can only be accessed by purchasing Starter Kit. If you would like to gain more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

In our Sample shop, you can purchase a small quantity of our standard smart home and smart energy products except for the Gateway. Minimum order value is 500 €.

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