Enable effective monitoring of seniors without cameras

Studies have shown that many seniors are hesitant to accept a home care solution that includes the installation of cameras in their homes as they feel watched by the cameras.

IoT devices enable secure and reliable monitoring of seniors without the use of security cameras. Different sensors and alarms combined with intelligent software make it possible to monitor seniors in their own homes with high privacy.

This way, an intelligent home care solution can ensure that vulnerable or elderly people get the care they need without feeling observed.

Enable wandering alerts through monitoring of entrances

Installed on doors and windows, Entry Sensors can give information about a resident’s activity, such as when they have last opened the windows or left their home. By spotting diversions from regular patterns, a home care solution can alert relatives or caregivers if a lack of activity indicates an emergency.

Get to know the Entry Sensor

Track activity inside the home with motion sensors

Inside a home, the Motion Sensor can help to keep track of movements and activity. The data from the motion sensors can be used by the home care solution to establish patterns and identify irregularities that can indicate emergencies and long-term issues like oncoming dementia or other illnesses.

Take a look at the Motion Sensor.

Monitor activity through vibrations

Vibration Sensors can be installed on many different objects in a senior’s home and give valuable insights into the home care solution. For instance, it can be mounted to beds to track sleep patterns or on furniture or bathroom appliances to monitor their usage.

See the details of the Vibration Sensor.

Enable seniors to call for help in an emergency

While many home care systems can pick up falls and other emergencies through activity monitoring, it can be a good idea to include a Panic Button in your solution and make sure that the seniors get help as quickly as possible.

This way, both the seniors and their relatives can be sure they receive the best care.

See the Panic Button

Ensure high levels of security, reliability, and flexibility in your home care system

As the heart of your home care system, you need a gateway that communicates with the connected sensors and alarms. The Squid.link gateways provide a highly secure and flexible foundation for home care systems.

The Squid.link gateways support multiple wireless standards, making it possible for to integrate the sensors and alarms offered by Develco Products as well as 3rd party devices, such as blood glucose meters and other care devices. The high level of security ensured by the Squid.link gateways keeps your customers' data safe within your home care system.

Explore the Squid.link gateways

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