Zigbee is a wireless language, and one of the world's most trusted standard protocols in wireless communication. Find out more about the Zigbee standard, and learn why it has become the flagship protocol of Develco Products.

Connecting your world

Zigbee is an open, global standard for wireless communication between wireless devices. Zigbee devices can easily be integrated into systems across the IoT industry via Zigbee gateways. The Zigbee protocol is secure and stable, which is one of the reasons why it has become one of the world’s most widely adopted protocols.

See how you can connect IoT devices via Zigbee with the Squid.link Gateway.

Connectivity and stability

Zigbee is the ideal choice of protocol for home automation and smart energy because different Zigbee devices can be connected. As more Zigbee devices are linked, communication paths between devices multiply, eliminating the risk of single-point signal failure.

Besides, Zigbee communicates on a 2.4GHz frequency and supports a data transfer rate of 250kbit/s across 16 different channels. This guarantees that solutions with Zigbee certified products are stable and interference-free.

Want to know more about Zigbee standards? Take a look at Zigbee Smart Energy and Zigbee Home Automation.


The Zigbee protocol is very secure, as it uses a strong encryption and three different types of keys to keep devices secure. Furthermore, Develco Products is a member of the Zigbee Alliance, so all our Zigbee certified products meet the requirements of the alliance. These include providing the best functionality with security measures in place.

Explore the wide range of the Zigbee certified products.

Our Zigbee devices


A gateway from Develco Products is a flexible platform for connecting elements in your smart home system with a control unit.

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Smart Home Systems and Smart Home Management

Starter Kits

Smart home in a box. The ultimate product platform to get started with your new wireless solution. The same products, but different possibilities of usage.

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Motion sensor and motion detectors


Monitoring everything from temperature to movement, the sensors are your way of keeping a smart eye on your house. 

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NES Meter Interface serves can serve as a hub for an power meter.

Meter interfaces

Meter interfaces measure the household’s power consumption and reports it to a control unit, a log, or a display.

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Smart plugs

With a smart plug you are able to switch the connected equipment on or off remotely as well as measure the power consumption.

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The Smart Relay 30A is a ZigBee relay for heavy loads.

Smart relays

The smart relays grant wireless control of groups of appliances, or of individual elements. They also feature power meter functionality.

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Key features of Zigbee

Smart Grid solution

Mesh network

The stability of Zigbee comes from its mesh networking, allowing communication from one device to "hop" through other devices until it reaches the gateway.

Smart home solutions

Global standard

Zigbee is the protocol of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers in smart home and energy management.

Wireless communication module


All Zigbee products can communicate and function together regardless of vendor and models.

Wireless devices


By communicating on low frequencies, Zigbee avoids being affected by or causing interference.

Smart home management


Zigbee uses AES-128 encryption and three types of keys to keep devices secure.  

Energy management opportunities


Zigbee requires very little power, making it an ideal protocol for battery powered alarms and sensors.

ZigBee Gateway Home Automation

Zigbee Home Automation

Zigbee HA helps create smart homes that can control appliances, increase security, and provide intelligent energy management increasing user comfort and convenience. Learn more about the benefits that Zigbee HA brings to you.

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ZigBee Smart Energy

Zigbee Smart Energy

Zigbee SE is the world’s leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy and water. Learn more about the benefits of Zigbee Smart Energy.

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