Zigbee Smart Energy

Zigbee Smart Energy

Zigbee SE is the world’s leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control, inform and automate the delivery and use of energy and water, what helps to create greener homes. 

Wireless protocol for device monitoring and control

Zigbee Smart Energy (Zigbee SE) is a protocol designed for monitoring and actively managing energy consumption at the end-user level. For both utilities and consumers, Zigbee SE can help reduce waste, energy consumption and enables utilities to monitor and manage customers’ energy use. Furthermore, the end-user can monitor their energy consumption.

Affordable and easy to use

With Zigbee SE it easier to monitor energy consumption and lower the energy costs – for both utilities and the end-user.  Zigbee SE is easy to use, because it is interoperable with other Zigbee protocols and works across manufacturers. The standardized protocol provides fast access to new markets for solution providers, and it reduces research costs.

Several of Develco Products’ products have a Zigbee SE certificate and can be used in smart energy solutions. Among these products are the Squid.link Gateway, Smart Plug Mini, Smart Cable and our meter interfaces. 

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Reducing energy consumption

Intelligent energy management with Zigbee SE also benefits the environment, because it improves energy availability. With the access to monitor the energy consumption, both utilities and end-users can regulate the use of energy, thus saving money and reducing the impact on the environment. Increased energy efficiency reduces the need for additional generation plants.

Zigbee Smart Energy features

The Zigbee SE offers real-time information, tracking of energy consumption, multiple control methods e.g. emergency signals and duty cycling, and includes the ability to randomize start and end times to avoid energy spikes. The protocol naturally uses data encryption to safeguard data.

The protocol fits multiple commodities, e.g. electricity, gas, and water, and it has several measurement types such as load profile, power factor, demand, and tiers.

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  • Affordability
  • Easiness of usage
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of environmental impact
ZigBee Gateway Home Automation

Zigbee Home Automation

Zigbee HA helps create smart homes that can control appliances, increase security, and provide intelligent energy management increasing user comfort and convenience. Learn more about the benefits that Zigbee HA brings to you.

Learn about Zigbee HA

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NES Meter Interface serves can serve as a hub for an power meter.

Meter interfaces

Meter interfaces measure the household’s power consumption and reports it to a control unit, a log, or a display.

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The Smart Relay 30A is a ZigBee relay for heavy loads.

Smart relays

The smart relays grant wireless control of groups of appliances, or of individual elements. They also feature power meter functionality.

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Smart plugs

With a smart plug you are able to switch the connected equipment on or off remotely as well as measure the power consumption.

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Motion sensor and motion detectors


Monitoring everything from temperature to movement, the sensors are your way of keeping a smart eye on your house. 

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Smart Home Systems and Smart Home Management

Starter Kits

Smart home in a box. The ultimate product platform to get started with your new wireless solution. The same products, but different possibilities of usage.

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A gateway from Develco Products is a flexible platform for connecting elements in your smart home system with a control unit.

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