Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering joins Develco Products to strengthen the security of our IoT platform

Mohammed Kemal

Develco Products now welcomes a new R&D Engineer, Mohammed Kemal, who is finishing a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering this summer. Mohammed will be working together with the R&D department, focusing on enhancing the reliability and security of our IoT platform. At Develco Products, we continuously work towards the highest level of security possible, and with his knowledge and expertise in securing communication networks, Mohammed will contribute to enhancing the security level of our IoT platform further.

Mohammed brings along four years of research experience in the analysis of requirements, architecture design, and development of reliable and secure communication networks. He holds a B.Sc degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Jimma University in Ethiopia and a M.Sc degree in Network and Distributed Systems from Aalborg University in Denmark. In addition, he has professional experience from working as a Telecom Engineer at Cresent Engineering and IT Solutions in Ethiopia, where he was responsible for the design, installation, and monitoring of network and communication systems for multipurpose industrial infrastructures.

Mohammed joins Develco Products in relation to the INCOM research project, which Develco Products participates in. The INCOM project is focused on creating new solutions for the next generation of communication infrastructure. The goal of this new infrastructure is to deliver higher capacity with significantly lower energy consumption, and the new infrastructure must have a greater degree of reliability, increased safety, and minimal delays. Mohammed Kemal and Develco Products are participating in the INCOM project to further advance IoT technology and take the next steps towards enhanced IoT security.

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