Develco Products welcomes four new team members

Interns joining Develco Products

September 04, 2019

Today we welcome with opens arms three new interns and a new R&D engineer to our team. Ann-Marie Bock, Tomas De La Rosa Silva, and Johannes Jespersen will join Develco Products as part of their education at Aarhus University. Kasper Klausen newly graduated from Aarhus University and will join Develco Products as an R&D engineer.

Johannes, born-and-raised in Aarhus, studies a bachelor’s in Information and Communications Technology (IKT) at AU’s Katrinebjerg campus, and will join our R&D Department to assist them with software development projects. As part of his internship at Develco Products, Johannes will help develop a program that can communicate with a radio receiver to then forward telegrams to a graphical user interface.

Ann-Marie, from Germany, and Tomas, from Venezuela, both study an MA in Corporate Communication at Aarhus BSS and will be joining our marketing department. As online marketing interns, Ann-Marie and Tomas will assist with the day-to-day running of our digital footprint, including writing news stories, social media posts, and creating content for our website.

Kasper has recently graduated from Aarhus University with a MSc in Computer Engineering. Besides his studies, Kasper already gained a lot of practical experience developing software for IoT products in several student jobs. At Develco Products Kasper will build on these experiences when developing software for our white label IoT solutions. He will mainly be creating software solutions for our wireless modular platform.

We are certain that Ann-Marie, Tomas, Johannes and Kasper will be valuable additions to our team.

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