How to realize huge potential of increasing energy efficiency of European buildings

February 13, 2019

Renovation of buildings offers a vast potential for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of buildings throughout Europe. Currently, around 75% of European buildings are considered energy inefficient and less than 1.2% of the building stock is renovated each year (Source: Energy renovation of buildings). The undeniable potential sparks the discussion on how to approach sustainable building renovation throughout Europe.

Taking multiple factors into perspective

Recent research conducted in connection with the European research project ReVALUE argues for a holistic approach to building renovation in relation to sustainability. To generate and evaluate the sustainability of building renovation, architects, engineers, and consultants are advised to focus on multiple factors, including climatic interests, security of supplies, environmental impacts, life-cycle cost, indoor climate, building functionality, and spatial quality. By taking all these factors into perspective in the initial design phase, the renovation can move towards the goal of overall sustainability.

Opportunities provided by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things provides new opportunities in relation to several of the factors that need to be considered in sustainable building renovation. Among these is the indoor climate. The indoor climate is important as people typically spend 90% of their time inside buildings. Via wireless technology, sensors can monitor indoor air quality to help ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Among the IoT products ideal for sustainable building renovation is the wireless and battery-powered Air Quality Sensor, monitoring VOC, humidity, and temperature.

Take a look at the Air Quality Sensor

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