How shopping centers and stores can benefit from smart relays


September 19, 2018

Have you considered if a smart relay can benefit your (or your customer’s) shopping center or store? The Smart Relay 16A DIN from Develco Products offers several benefits by enabling control of clusters of appliances as well as monitoring of energy consumption.

Get an overview of the energy consumption in stores

Storeowners can connect the smart relay to different groups of appliances and get an overview of the energy consumed by the different groups. This enables storeowners to see which groups consume more energy, giving them an opportunity to optimize the energy consumption and save more energy.

An example of how storeowners have benefited from smart relays include a large group of storeowners experiencing that their stores consumed more energy at night than they did during the day. The smart relay was connected to different groups of appliances, and the data from the smart relay showed that much of the energy consumed during the nighttime was related to the spotlights in the store. By replacing the existing light bulbs in these spotlights with new LED light bulbs, the storeowners managed to save much electricity. This way, the smart relays helped the storeowners detect the cause of the great energy consumption during nighttime. 

Energy savings in shopping centers  

In shopping centers, the Smart Relay 16A DIN can be used for multiple purposes. If several different stores in the shopping center use the same electricity meter, you can use the smart relay as a sub meter for splitting the energy bill. Then, each individual storeowner can be billed for the exact amount of electricity used, ensuring a fair distribution of electricity expenses. Also, this can make each storeowner more conscious about their energy consumption. 

In addition, the smart relay enables the user to turn off appliances, such as all the lights in the shopping center, after the center is closed. This allows for significant energy savings. Groups of appliances can be controlled remotely or by settings to automatically turn on and off at a particular time.

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