Zigbee increasingly dominating the world of IoT

October 4, 2018

Develco Products is proud to announce that Zigbee, our flagship protocol, is increasingly dominating the chipsets market globally due to its reliability, security, and energy-efficiency.

Analysts confirm half a billion Zigbee chipsets sold

Findings from leading market research firm ON World reveal a favorable market for Zigbee technologies over the next five years. ON World confirms that half a billion Zigbee chipsets have been sold to date, and they predict that 802.15.4 mesh chipsets sales will skyrocket to 4.5 billion by 2023 with around 85% of these being Zigbee based.

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802.15.4 mesh networks dominate connectivity in the IoT

The report from ON World states that wireless mesh sensor network standards have made 802.15.4 the predominant technology for IoT. An increasing number of 802.15.4 chips are sold for smart homes and buildings, metering, industrial automation, and other IoT markets. Last year, adoption of smart home 802.15.4 wireless sensor networks increased faster than BLE, despite new developers’ increasing interest in BLE and the completion of Bluetooth Mesh.

Zigbee: The leading IoT connectivity technology for the smart home

Being based on the increasingly dominant 802.15.4 standard is one of many benefits that the Zigbee protocol offers. Zigbee is the leading IoT connectivity technology for the smart home, and it is one of the world's most trusted standard protocols in wireless communication. Zigbee is integrated into many of today’s most popular and thriving IoT ecosystems.

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The flagship protocol of Develco Products

Due to its ability to integrate security, network, and energy-efficiency, Zigbee is the flagship protocol of Develco Products. We are a member of the Zigbee Alliance, and all our Zigbee certified products meet the requirements of the alliance.

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