Expand your wireless solution with BLE devices – without time-consuming programming

November 28, 2018

The development of an application for a wireless solution quickly becomes a complex and time-consuming affair. To simplify the process, Develco Products’ Squid.link Gateway includes the Squid Smart App, which now supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). With the Squid Smart App, a middleware application, you only have to configure settings and actions of the devices in your solution through templates instead of programming these.

By supporting BLE, in addition to Zigbee, the Squid Smart App provides you with the opportunity to easily expand your wireless solution with devices communicating via these low-power and interoperable wireless technologies.

Configure applications instead of programming

With the Squid Smart App, you will not have to worry about programming. The Squid Smart App provides a REST API, and the devices connected to the Squid.link Gateway are modelled as resources in the API. To identify available resources, the Squid Smart App relies on templates. Since the templates consist of easily readable text, you can upload, modify, and download new versions without programming. This way, the Squid Smart App provides you with a shortcut to rolling out your solution.

The templates in the Squid Smart App define how each device needs to be configured. When a device is integrated into your solution through the API, the application will match the device with a template. When a match is found, the API will generate the data points defined in the template and apply the configuration settings to the device.

Enhance interoperability and battery life with low energy technology

Since the Squid Smart App now supports BLE, you can easily integrate BLE devices into your wireless solution. BLE is used in numerous areas of the IoT industry and is recognized for being interoperable across platforms. For instance, BLE devices are used in healthcare and assisted living solutions where close monitoring of people’s well-being is of great importance.

BLE is excellent for sending small amounts of data with a high frequency. It uses little energy in the process, meaning less charging along the way. This feature makes BLE ideal for battery-powered devices that need to last for a long time. With the increasing demand for wireless devices, including wearables and home appliances, the level of security is a vital factor. BLE meets the requirements related to security.

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