Are demand response solutions only relevant in the industrial sector?


October 19, 2017

In recent years, numerous demand response solutions have been deployed in the industrial sector to manage demand peaks. The residential sector, however, is still largely untapped. The sector is characterized by large numbers of end-consumers with a low individual energy demand, but a very high demand when considered in terms of districts. To help exploit the potential of this sector, Develco Products is part of the new EU research project RESPOND. The project seeks to develop a solution for integrating demand response into residential buildings.

Realising the potential of demand response in residential households

RESPOND aims to develop a cost-effective and user-centered solution, involving energy automation, monitoring, and control tools for integrating demand response programs into residential buildings. By being both flexible and scalable, the RESPOND solution will enable integration of demand response at a district level as well as a building level. The solution will take into account both the energy supply and demand side, and exploit all energy assets available. Moreover, with a smart energy monitoring infrastructure, RESPOND will be capable of performing reliable energy data analytics and forecasts, detecting potential energy conservation opportunities.

Develco Products' devices used to monitor and control energy consumption

Develco Products is part of the RESPOND consortium consisting of 11 partners from 5 European countries. In the project, Develco Product will provide a variety of ZigBee devices. The devices will make it possible to monitor and control household energy consumption. All the monitored data will be made available to RESPOND through our multiprotocol Gateway.

Get to know our devices

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