Participate in SEMIAH Open Day and get insights in the future of Demand Response

May 4, 2017

The European research project SEMIAH is getting close to the finish line. To end of the research project, the SEMIAH Consortium will host a final one-day event, SEMIAH Open Day. Here, participants can engage in the discussion about the future of Demand Response and get to expand their network. Everybody who wishes to, are more than welcome to participate in SEMIAH Open Day.

SEMIAH Open Day takes place on 23 May 2017 in Visp, Valais, Switzerland,
from 9 – 17.

Participation is free of charge, but is necessary to sign up for the event. Please contact, if you wish to participate.

Agenda at SEMIAH Open Day

At the event, the outcome of the research project will be presented. Experts and participants from the research project will speak about the potential of Demand Response and aggregation. SEMIAH Open Day will also host a live panel discussion about Demand Response and Smart Grid topics.

Furthermore, the event gives participants the opportunity to experience the implementation of Demand Response in real private households and includes an excursion to a nearby hydroelectric power plant.

Being part of SEMIAH

Develco Products has provided the research project with front-end hardware, gateways, and smart plugs. We developed our Gateway to this research project, and were able to test it thoroughly before rolling it out. Futhermore, we have supported the development and testing of the front-end system and have been involved in system integration. Develco Products also holds the role of Exploitation and Dissemination Manager (EDM)


SEMIAH is a large scale European research project aiming to develop a novel Information and Communication Technology infrastructure for implementation of Demand Response in households. The infrastructure enables shifts of energy consumption from high energy-consuming loads to off-peak periods with high generation of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources. 


Learn more about SEMIAH here

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