Three ways to accelerate your IoT solution


June 19, 2017

On 1 July 2017, Develco Products celebrates its 10th anniversary. From our 10 years of experience, we have learned that no two projects are the same. To meet the exact needs of our customers, we offer multiple options for using our products for businesses in the IoT industry.

10 years of IoT experience
Since Develco Products was founded in 2007, our IoT expertise has increased continuously, our product portfolio has expanded remarkably, and we have experienced exponential growth in sales. Today, the expertise and the wide range of products enable us to provide our customers with the help they need to build customized IoT solutions for their business and meet the desires of their customers.

Different entry levels
At Develco Products, we offer multiple options for getting started with or developing existing IoT solutions using our products. The first option is to integrate our white label devices into an existing IoT system. The second option is for us to provide a complete hardware platform on top of which software can easily be built. The third possibility is that we provide a complete hardware platform and also partner with a trusted software provider, who can develop the app and cloud for the solution. With this option, a complete customized and ready-to-launch IoT solution is offered.

Get to know more about the three options offered by Develco Products in this video:



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