How to enable collaborative automation by networked embedded devices

June 16, 2017

The EU research project Arrowhead is getting close to the finishing line. The findings of the project will be released within a few months.

Some of the results of the projects are:

  • The Arrowhead Framework introduces a new way of thinking Internet clouds that support key requirements of automation systems like real-time, security, scalability and engineering simplicity.
  • The project has led to both a framework for interoperability and a system for integrality plus a large number of automation innovations.

You can get a close look at what the project have achieved so far here 

The research project was launched in 2013. The project’s focus is on manufacturing-, process- and energy industries, and the vision is to find methods to enable collaborative automation by networked embedded devices. The problem today is that the different protocols (ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wireless M-Bus, Bluetooth Low Energy etc.) are not able to communicate wirelessly to each other. This is a problem not only for the consumers but also IoT companies, who are often bound to one protocol. Arrowhead, therefore, dived down in this challenge and tried to find a solution.

Testing solutions with pilots

Arrowhead is one of the largest EU research projects. Develco Products has been part of the project from the beginning and has helped in the development of software's functionality and integration between demand response and heat pumps.

The project has conducted several of pilots – all in all more than 45 weeks of pilots.


These pilots gave the partners in the research project the chance to learn from the previous pilots, and build on top of that foundation.

You can learn more about Arrowhead here

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