How Develco Products covers the entire IoT industry


June 22, 2017

Since Develco Products was founded in 2007, our business has developed rapidly. From mainly focusing on producing intelligent products for energy management, we now apply our IoT expertise across a wide range of business areas, including home automation, home security, healthcare, as well as smart energy.

From the beginning, the aim of Develco Products has been to optimize energy management by offering products for integration of wireless communication in meters. In this sense, our focus throughout the past 10 years has been to enable energy suppliers to closely and accurately monitor energy usage data. Moreover, our intelligent devices provide energy suppliers with the right equipment to move energy demand to time periods with smaller grid loads, reducing peak periods.

Customizing smart home and security systems

Since 2007, we have expanded our focus and gained a high level of expertise in home automation. Based on our knowledge within this area, our multiprotocol Gateway and wide variety of wireless devices enable solution providers to create smart home systems that fit the needs of their customers. In addition, Develco Products’ sensors and alarms are ideal for integration into home security systems. By allowing easy integration with existing security systems, the devices provide great flexibility for solution providers.

Bringing together IoT and healthcare

Accommodating rising tendencies of contemporary society, our products also realize the huge potential that IoT carry for the healthcare industry. Our sensors provide a gentle and discrete solution for monitoring of elderly and ill people. In this sense, by integrating Develco Products’ devices in a healthcare or assisted living solution, these people are given a more comfortable life in their own homes and a sense of security is provided for their relatives.


Learn more about how we have helped businesses within a wide range of areas

Smart home solutions

Smart home

Develco Products has helped Home Control build a unified smart home solution for end-users.    

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Could based solutions

Energy management

Together with eSmart, Develco Products has improved energy flow by implementing smart grid systems in Norway.

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Assisted living solutions


ContinYou has enabled people to live independently, more comfortably, and saved lives using our Gateway.
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Smart security

Home security

Develco Products' devices are integrated in Net4Things' intelligent solutions to ensure home security. 

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